Tuesday, December 09, 2014

A little of a few things

My two eldest grandchildren came over to put out the Christmas things.  They were so excited about doing it, they forgot to fight about it all.  Over the years, we have collected several wooden cut-outs, and they wanted and did put them all out!  I will have to get a picture to post tomorrow.  I always forget pictures of things I write about.  Not a very visual person I guess.

I was saying that we didn't do well at the show.  We actually did about as well as anyone.  Many of the folks had the huge deco mesh wreaths that are so popular these days.  Actually they aren't so popular anymore.  Those folks didn't sell any as far as I could tell.  And of course they are not as popular anymore.  I have rolls and rolls of that stuff.

But the person across from us had the blankets too.  Hers were less expensive, and she still didn't sell any.  Thee were lots of people who didn't sell a single item I believe.  This is a show I have done a lot.  The best sales we had were (and I am ashamed to tell this really) was the year this was in its infancy - about 10 years ago - when we had a booth near the boy scouts.  We were re-selling dollar store stuff.  The boy scouts bought that stuff like crazy as presents for moms, aunts, grandmothers and the like.

Will I do it next year?  I would like to.  I enjoy being out there.  It runs from 1 - 4.  That's probably another reason sales are so low, plus there are the local FFA craft shows, among many others, going on.  I just don't know if the others are game.

Today was eye injection day.  Left eye is blurry.  Headache is coming on.  I think I am going to take a nap.  Will catch you later!  Thanks for stopping by.


Sally Crowe said...

Oh, I hate that you have eye injections, that must be terribly painful. I hope you feel better by now.

I imagine the people who go to garage sales early in the morning are kind of tired by 1. That's the only think I can think of that "might" bring down sales. It's good that you enjoy it though! Do you have an Etsy shop?

Long years ago I so enjoyed making crafts; not so much any more. I saw one the other day though that I'm going to try; where you put ribbon on the front of a clothes pin and then the magnets on the back. However it turns out, they'll laugh at me. LOL


Judy said...

Wreaths made from pages of old hymn books or just old books are all the rage around here.