Monday, November 10, 2014

What fun!

I am so glad I tagged along for the water polo tournament.  Our girls were a rather rag-tag team.  A lot of girls who usually play together couldn't for this tournament because the main rule was you could be no older than 14 AND not in high school.  Our usual team (the club is called Viper Pigeons) are 14 and in high school.

So girls from all over the greater Houston area were picked up.  They were still short and a girl was there with her father and brother from Connecticut.  Her team decided not to come because the tournament was in the Dallas area and they were concerned about Ebola.  Not. A. Problem. Now.

Anyway we got her, and she is one heck of a player!  Things wouldn't have been as close as they were without her.  We also got one of the Viper Pigeons from San Antonio.  Again - great player.

The first six games were against either California teams where water polo is a UIL sanctioned sport - or at least VERY popular or a team from Chicago.  The Pigeons held them really well.  Their defense was quite good, and that was important because our goalie didn't want to participate in the tournament.  None of the girls there played goalie.  Defense was our only hope.

The second to the last game, against Santa Barbara I believe, they lost  by one in the last 30 seconds.  What a game!  It was so exciting.

The last game was against the Dallas Thunder.  Once again - back and forth, back and forth.  But this time our girls were ahead with 30 seconds.  They managed to get the ball back and hold it for the win!  Glad I didn't have to take my blood pressure after either of those two games.

It was really a fun weekend.  Now back to the real world except for Katie.  She had volleyball on Thursday, two water polo games both Friday and Saturday, one Sunday, and her last volleyball game of her school career today.  Tomorrow begins basketball try-outs.

Hope your weekend was nearly as good as mine because mine rocked!!!!


Marti said...

That's amazing - that they could take what was basically a new team and work together to beat an established team. Good for them!

Sally Crowe said...

Awesome! So glad it all worked out. I can only the emotions those games brought on, but you made it and so did they! :)