Friday, November 14, 2014

Got a virus

Not me, but this Toshiba.  In fact, it is sick, sick, sick.

It's really rather ironic too because I have two anti-virus programs on it.  But that's the way of these viruses.  If those idiots who dream up these viruses would put their obvious intellect to something good, who knows what we could glean from them.  Shame.

I have a great guy who will clean it for me in a day or two.  He worked wonders on the Dell (new hard drive after I dropped it in Alaska) and G's Dell that he ran "barefooted" through the internet for a couple of years.  It had hundreds of viruses on it.

This attack is my fault.  I take full blame.  I had a pop-up telling me my player was out of date.   Seemed like something normal.  I had been trying to download an update before.  Well ...   That was the wrong thing.  Now Firefox is not a good browser for me.  It does really strange things.  Among them are pop-up ads (not at all surprising), and the keyboard doesn't put the proper letters in a document (which is surprising!).  But at least I have Chrome.  So if I don't comment on your posts - that may be the reason.

But this can be fixed - whenever I am home for a while.  Yes - we are getting ready to leave again.  This time for two weeks.  I. Am. So. Tired. Of. Being. Gone.

I ordered the youngest grandchildren's Christmas from Toys R Us.  I paid for a little more expedited shipping.  I KNEW I needed it all to be delivered by today,  Only two of the eight items will be delivered.  With the beginning of the holiday shipping, thieves are lurking looking for packages being left of the porches.  We had one case in the area where I really think the do-bad was following the Postal Carrier.  As soon as the package was left - he struck.

So I am running the risk of having $100 worth of items stolen.  I am upset.

Another reason I don't want to go is that a friend and I will be doing a small craft show on the 7th.  I have today, tomorrow, Sunday and six days after we return to complete all the things I want to do.  I would take my big machine with me, but I really don't want to put a several thousand dollar machine in the bed of the truck, AND there is no way I could pack all the fabrics and threads I need.  BAH.  Holiday spirit at its best.

So why are we going this early.  One reason is this unseasonable freeze.  I didn't leave the heat on, and it has been colder there than here.  Of course, in this weather we are leaving THIS house to freezing weather.  Then comes Thanksgiving.

It has been traditional since the house was put in to spend Thanksgiving there.  In fact we moved in at Thanksgiving.  G said we would spend it at home this year until DIL said they would be with us this year.  Well - guess what.  They will be home

the computer is goilg crazys  see ya later with my ralts  this should make selseh but remember what I said about the keystrokes>>>


Sally Crowe said...

I'm sorry you're having so much computer trouble. That stinks! It's good though that you have someone you trust to work on the issues. I guess I'm out of the loop in that I didn't know y'all have two houses. Be safe on the trip!


Marti said...

Oh man, bad timing all around. Are you going to make a quick trip up and back so you can get to work on your craft stuff? This weather is something else. I hear we are supposed to have a chance of snow Sunday night and back into the 70's by Wednesday.


just got mine fixed and happy camper..I love crome..