Thursday, October 09, 2014

Trouble with posting

Yesterday, Blogger was being very temperamental.  I know I posted more than four pictures, but I was patient - waiting for each one to load completely.  I was being "very gentle" with the old crotchety girl.  But they didn't want to load.  The blog posted - but with pictures that were pixulated.  I think that's the way the word is spelled.  Don't really know, and spell check is out of the question.

Anyway, we are on the trip home - last two days.  What?  Is that cheering I hear?  Well for the one of you - I will complete the journey.  I have to get this done because I will be shutting the computer down in a bit.  I will finally get to go to one of Katie's volleyball games.  If she has played at home, we were gone - and the others were away games.  I am pretty sure they will lose.  The 8th grade "A" team isn't very good this year.  They are meeting teams whose girls play "club ball" all year around.  We don't have any.  'Nuff said there!

So - here we go:
This was someplace after leaving Missoula.  All of Montana is this way it seems - didn't know the reservations were this large. I just couldn't help think - what could go wrong here.  Liquor and casino.  In a gas station. 

There was snow!!  Now - you know a Southeast (grew up in Southwest) Texas girl HAS to have a fascination with the white stuff.  Here it is September 14 and there is snow on the ground.  I believe this is Wyoming, and I wonder what this may mean for this winter!!!

This is the view from our hotel room.  Just getting to this one was a "trip."  From the time we made reservations to getting there - it changed names.  And it is in the middle of no where.  In a tiny town.  This part of Wyoming is not my favorite.

And here we are back in Texas.  We crossed the New Mexico line a while back.  So I certainly shouldn't complain about Wyoming.  I couldn't live in this part of Texas.  No way.  I know some (Marti) really appreciate this part, but me, not so much.  After this we spent a night in Childress , and then made it back to Houston - on a freeway that was torn up in at least two places and a blinding rain storm.  We moved at about 15-20MPH for a long time.  Ah, welcome home.  Maybe this isn't so bad after all!!!


Sally said...

More great photo's! I've thoroughly enjoyed your trip and thank you for sharing with us. Some of the places you were, I had been also but when I was a young girl (my dad was in the Navy and we travelled a lot).

So glad you can make it to Katie's game.


Jeanette said...

Great pictures, Karen! WOW! You do some nice traveling!

Marti said...

I like the look of the land in your Wyoming picture, but that last one looks like home to me. If we ever get to leave this part of the country, I'll probably be nostalgic about it too though.