Friday, October 17, 2014

Run! Hide! Here comes more pictures!

These aren't pretty places.  These are some of my "handiwork" upstairs, slaving at a hot embroidery machine!

I don't think I will post all of them.  I have three or four of the ones for granddaughters.  The others are going on pages to sell.   I will put them here - probably tomorrow.

This is like the one I made for Katie.  It is the middle school colors and mascot.  I promised little sister (in this case the real little sister - Karrington) I would make her one.  I still have the high school mascot to make for both girls.

This is the hair bow I made for Katie and her 7th grade "little sister."  They give gifts to one another each week.  The only difference is Katie is 15 instead of 25.
   There was supposed to be one more.  It was the slider hair band I did as a joke for my daughter.  But Blogger doesn't like to cooperate.  They were so torn apart at first, I deleted it.  I will post it tomorrow.  Maybe!


Judy said...

Well-I just think you are so talented!!! I never would have the patience to go through all that.

Sally said...

You sure do amazing embroidery! Like Judy, I wouldn't be able to do that, but my mom used to. I think it's so pretty. :)


oh those are so cute