Wednesday, December 03, 2014

"The best laid plans of ..."

This is so true - at least so far. I had dreams of being chained to my sewing machine turning out little gems of items that will sell like hot cakes at the little craft show Sunday (that is IF I am registered). So far, I haven't been near the stairs except to go to bed or shower.

 Funny how things like that happen - at least to me. Yesterday was the pilgrimage to Costco. Let me tell you, that wears me out. Such a big store, and I love each and every square inch. But I get tired from it. Then I have to put the things away. They don't sell the small size of anything. So yesterday I was packaging meat to freeze.

 Today we went to Academy. I have lost both pairs of my moccasins. Normally when I get home, the first thing that leaves my body is my shoes. Then the jewelry, bra, and the like. But when it is cool - remember we never really get cold - my feet get cold, and then I am miserable.

When we arrived at the SSB, the temperatures had been in the mid twenties at night.  The floor was COLD!!  I had a really hard time getting warm.  Since I cannot get on the floor because of my knees, I couldn't look under the beds, but I used the dust mop (which gave an additional perk) but they weren't there.

My floors here at home in the living area are ceramic tile.  With the pool I got tired of chlorine drops on my carpet.  The tile usually works beautifully, but when it's cool out, once again I get cold feet.

So after looking on my favorite place Amazon, I decided I would return to Academy to find the mocs because my beloved Amazon would ship until after December 29.  That just wouldn't do.  Besides, the last pairs of mocs I got from Academy were $5!!!  I loved them so much.

Well - needless to say, Academy doesn't have $5 shoes now.  I did find some real cuties however.  They had knit almost moccasins for $13.  One is an owl (I think) and the other a cat.  Then I went around the corner and they had mens' moccasin's for $8!!  I walked out of that store with FOUR pairs of shoes.  Two for here and two for there.  (and all four to hide from Clyde or I will have zero again)

Then I walked to Staples to get pricing items for the "Big Show" on Sunday.  Could I leave with just tags?  Of course ----- not.  I NEEDED labels for the bags with the tea light thingies.  Then I remembered I NEEDED a new calendar to go into the day timer I no longer can live without.  (I managed for 4 years post retirement - then my body began its sure decline).  On my way in I saw the bin of bargain books.  I ignored them going in.  But on the way out - I bought the three for $10.   After all - just because I have about 100 books to read on the Kindle and about 10 other hard/soft backs scattered about my house I just had to have three more.

And the day wasn't finished then!  We had to get hair cuts.  So we did, and then lunch at the most delicious little Indian restaurant around.  Everyone in the neighborhood loves this little place.  Never knew I loved Indian until they arrived on the scene.

One last thing to do today.  I will pick up Katie (my darling Lady Bug!) after school.  Krissi has a cardio doc appointment - finally.  She has only put it off for four years.  We are a timely lot.

Tomorrow I will probably venture upstairs to gather the items.  I really do hope I am registered for this show.  I haven't gotten any confirmation.  Of course with wonky Internet, I really had a hard time sending emails out.  I sent one on Monday, but I have no reply.  Such is life.


Sally said...

Whoa! Lady, that was quite a day. I'd be tired also! I just went into two stores today, and I'm dragging. :) I hope you're registered for the show and sell a lot! Have you shown on your blog what you make because you know I'm rather new here.

Take care, get some rest after you get your Lady Bug. Hope the dr appointment goes well.

Grandma K said...

Sally - I have a facebook page for the business. I also sent you a friend request the other day. I am there as Karen Loftin. I will try to post some pictures here too. I had another blog for the business, but it went by the wayside!!

Jeanette said...

You've been busy! Glad you found some inexpensive mocs to wear. There is nothing more miserable than cold feet!

Marti said...

I need to make a Costco run today, but really it's just to pick up my glasses. I could kick myself when I buy some things at Costco, like the 40 oz jar of green chilies when every recipe I have only uses 4 oz.

Good luck with your show, and I hope you find out that you are registered before you haul everything over there. Do you sell on etsy too? Sorry if I've asked that before.