Thursday, December 04, 2014

And today ...

There are several sites about town called Beg, Buy, Barter, Sell and I belong to three of them.  I have bought twice.  I am meeting another today.

Now that really isn't a biggie.  I have learned the routine - sort of.

Todays buy is a new pet carrier.  Shadow is really crammed into his.  He has only had it since he was a YOUNG kitten.  Can't imagine why it is a little small.  I had looked on the pet store site, so I was aware of the price.  I found one last night for a good price - brand new.

So G is going to accompany me.  He wants to LOOK at it.  You usually go to buy, but whatever.  So the woman is going to meet us at 10:30 - at his request.  It is 9:45, and I really need to hit the bank.  His daily routine runs 45 minutes.  I. Kid. You. Not.

I sit here, dressed, Waiting.  I hope he puts away this facade he has taken on in the last couple of weeks.  I really am tired of it.  I don't want to be embarrased either.

Katie has her first basketball game today.  Exciting.

Shortly after I took her home, Krissi called me.  She asked if there had been a house fire on her street.  Well - one broke out after I left and it was about 7 houses from them.  The local police patrolman with whom she is friends called Krissi to tell her about it.  The poor folks.  I believe they are barely able to stay in the house as it is.  I don't know what they are going to do now.  There was a lot of damage.

So hopefully the Lord of the Manor will appear shortely and we will be off!


Sally Crowe said...

I hope you make it in time to meet the person. You know, your having to wait for him reminds me of my dad and brother; both of them waiting on their wives. So, I guess you could say it goes both ways. :)

Sorry to hear about the fire, it saddens me so.

Marti said...

I got a kick out of your comment about G because I bet that is exactly what Hubby thinks about me! I used to be able to get ready in 10 minutes but my gears have slowed down I think.

Sometimes I think I am a craigslist addict so a buy sell and trade site would really hook me. I used to be a member of freecycle, but people in our area mainly just wanted stuff.

Hope the cat carrier works out and it's not a wasted trip.