Monday, December 08, 2014


Well - success in this case is clearly in the eye of the beholder.  We did the show yesterday.  AND I was correct - my name was not on the list, but there were so many empty spaces it didn't matter.  We got a really good space.

They set up areas of snow for the kiddies.  We weren't too close to that nor too far away.  I had asked a friend and her grown daughters if they wanted to join us.  And for a change my daughter wasn't too busy.  Unfortunately, my friends sold nothing.  Krissi sold two of six or seven fleece tied blankets so she grossed $50+, but netted $11.  I sold $17, but I have no idea of net because most items were made with such few supplies.

The main thing here for me are the head bands.  Thise are also a couple of my bracelets.  The tiara head band sold before I could bet a pictures.  The bracelets - nada, again.  The blanket behind is Krissi/Katies.  That is the high school colors.  Those didn't sell either.

These are the tea light covers.  In front are the tea light pins.  I sold one.  There is a sleep mask behind.  Nope - no sale.

These are little covers that go over clothes pins.  I think they are so cute, and would be a great teacher gift to hold papers together.  Sold one!  Oh well.

Have a great day.


Sally said...

I think your goods are really nice, and so sorry it didn't go well. You have a real talent though. :)


Grandma K said...

Sally, you make a person feel so good. I love how positive you are. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog!

Jeanette said...

Nice stuff! Too bad you didn't sell more!

Marti said...

Those headband/tiaras are great. I like the clothespin covers too. Sorry you didn't sell much. How did the other vendors do?