Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Busy days

 I don't know where the time has gone, but it surely has flown by.

Saturday we went to one of Katie's water polo games.  There was a local tournament. They were beaten badly, but then they were playing 18 year old girls (Katie is still 13 - until  January).  Shehad to guard a girl who is nationally recognized.  Tough girl! Both of them

Sunday, I ended up doing family dinner - again!  Before everyone got here, I gave William his first piano lesson.  I don't know how this is going to go.  He only had to use three fingers on each hand

At the end of the time - which seemed like hours and hours - he still couldn't play with fingers one, two, three - going up three adjacent notes.  We did only two little three note songs - playing hands completely separate.  I don't know how this is going to go.

Dinner was purposely simple.  Frozen lasagna, salad, chibata bread, and a bought bundt cake.

I don't know why I am continually tired, but I am.  I just have no energy, and I have so much to do around here.  Nothing seems to get done.  My feelings are that it is because we are gone too d*mn much.

Today was eye injection day.  That went well enough.  Fluid is still there, but not increasing.

Then we voted.  Easy as can be.  All the folks (the few) must have voted early.  We breezed in!

I sat and waited for the computer to work for 15 minutes.  Got sick and tired of it and went to Office to cut and paste.  This whole procedure has taken 30 minutes for 5 minutes work.  So if something is out of place or makes no sense - that's why.


Sally Crowe said...

I didn't know you play the piano. I took lessons when I was a kid, and never really either got the hang of it, or I was just lazy. The only song I could play (not now) was "going to a paaarrrrty". :)

Wondering if the weather has something to with tiredness, I've been that way also. I did get out in the yard yesterday for a few hours. Not only the being tired, but having really bad headaches as well. Wake up with them.

I'm sorry you have to get those shots in your eye; that must be very painful. :(

Take care!

Grandma K said...

Sally, I get really paranoid about being tired, little or big pains because I am a cancer survivor. You begin to think all of these things mean the cancer has become active again!

I started piano when I was 6. At 14 I began as the Assistant Organist at church, but played piano when I was needed. Then at 16 I went to organ. I was organist regularly for about 7 years. We moved to Houston, and I stopped for about 8 years. Then regular for 5-6, then part time again until about 10 years ago!

As for the injection - they numb the eye really well. The injection is just a quick thing - it is the speculum to hold the eye open that is the most irritating!!!

Have you mentioned your headaches to your doctor?

Sally Crowe said...

Oh, I can surely see why that tiredness and/or pain would concern you. I had read, of course, that you had breast cancer but didn't know it had been 8 years. I'll hope and pray you'll be clear forever now.

I wanted to thank you for the very sweet comment you left me today as I really don't feel worthy of your words, but they certainly helped my frame of mind. Thanks again. :)

Sally Crowe said...

No, I haven't talked to the dr yet about the headaches; I'm trying to hold off until after tomorrow. I'm going to see my daughter, granddaughter and the greats. Haven't seen them in over two weeks; I know some would think "well, mine live far away" but I've become so used to seeing them, I'll take every opportunity. :)