Saturday, October 11, 2014

Love/hate with Firefox

Firefox is the browser I prefer.  Chrome is second, but a far second.  Explorer doesn't even make the list - anywhere!

But my love affair with Firefox is beginning to fade. It is fighting me - a lot.  It is hanging up terribly.  It takes me twice as long to do the things I want to do.  I have "fixed" it twice, and still...  That was the problem today.  So I am over here on Chrome.

I was going to post yesterday, but the day just disappeared.  That happens a lot these days.  I don't know where it goes except that I have joined several (probably too many) Facebook group pages.  Facebook does them a "favor" by posting the new entries to the regular news feed.   So if you go to the group, you have already read the new adds.  I don't think I like that much.  I would drop out of the groups, but they give me information that is mostly useful.  Like freebies, sales, and hints to make the work easier.

I was going to be sure to post a picture of the head band I made for Katie, but I was so intent on getting to her game WITH the head band that I didn't take a picture.  The batteries in my good camera are dead, and I didn't take the time to replace them.  But I will be making Karrington one today or so, and I will get a picture of that one.  Plus I will add the volleyball bow then,

Her game - well let's just say it would have been just as well had I stayed home.  They lost, but it was fairly close.  It seems to me they have the worst coach in the district.  The girls do not communicate on the court.

Hopefully I didn't bore you to death with the marathon pictures.  It was a nice trip.  All in all, I would have been happy to stay home however.  He already is planning two trips for next year.  One in the spring to the San Francisco area.  I am trying to get him to put that one together with the trip to the Anaheim area when Katie goes back for Junior Olympics in July.  Then there is a trip to the East Coast for the fall color.

I sound terrible I guess.  This travelling is getting hard on me.  When we had pedicures last week the one doing my feet said "travel while you can."  Well ok. Honestly, I would rather save that money!  I don't think I will live all that much longer.  At one time I thought I was invincible, but God has a great sense of humor.  Yeah - well here, take this cancer.  Got that one - here is a good case of arthritis all through your body.  But I really am afraid of not having the funds we need when we really get old.  At 69 and 70 we are not quite there, but SO close.

Enough of that,  Hope you have a great weekend.  As one of the fellows on the news would say (BTW - he was the inspiration for the movie and play The Best Little Whore House)   "good golf, good tennis, or whatever makes you happy!"


Sally Crowe said...

I think it would be nice to travel when you want to, but I do very little of it. I actually enjoy being home, piddling around; some days I get a lot done but if I don't that's okay too. Hopefully, your hubby will fix that trip so that it will coincide with Katie's.

Karrington - I LOVE that name, and don't think I've ever heard it before.

Take care of yourself, and try not to worry.

Marti said...

I used to love firefox, but then started having all those problems too. Then switched to Chrome, and it's ok, but it's just so google. But I read the other day that explorer is the fastest browser these days and now that they have fixed their last big problem, I've been trying to remember to use it. But I have all my bookmarks in chrome, so it's hard.

Judy said...

I was so fortunate to have a friend who decided we should take a lot of trips all over this country. I can't travel now--couldn't walk around enough to see what I wanted to see when I got there. :-) Yes--do it while you are physically able.