Monday, October 27, 2014


That sounds very ominous doesn't it?   Sounds like it was a terrible experience yet again this year - even though last year wasn't completely terrible.

This year was really good.  The guide, as usual it seems, was a delight.  She has been a teacher, but now works in administration.  She taught middle school science!  She raises bird dogs.  Some sort of Spaniel - I haven't done my homework yet to read up on breeds of Spaniels.  This is one I don't know anything about.  She also would like to hurt animal abusers.  Needless to say we had a LOT to talk about.  Very interesting time.

The girl was a sweet girl.  She is from the town where my SIL spent his youth.  She is pretty far from home living in a home for children.  Just from what she said, I really think her father is the reason.  She talked extensively about her mom, her sister, her aunt and uncle, her cousins.  The only time she mentioned her father was when G was filling out the tag for the deer.  She gave her last name, but said "that's my father's name" in a very derisive tone.  So...

It's really sad the kids have to pay.  Last year, I think that girl was out of control.  She was probably taken by the courts to try to straighten her out.  At one point she was talking about having taken her mother's car.  She was 13.  This girl is 15.  I have worked with children this age for a long time, and she may be a really good actress.  But she presented herself so well.  Cute kid!

At the very end of the day - it was right at sun down, we heard a shot.  So she did get a deer.  I( was so glad because she was a real trooper about being out there.  I think she did have a good time.

Yesterday instead of going to Doss to church (which is MY family's church) or Hilda to G's family Methodist church, we went into Mason to the Lutheran church there.  It was Reformation lySunday - the day we observe as the day Martin Luther  posted his 95 thesis on the door in his effort to reform the Catholic church.  We all know that didn't work out - he was excommunicated, and the newly invented printing press (like the internet of today) made those go "viral."  He picked up followers, and now we have the different Christian churches today - including the Lutheran.

The service was very nice - completely traditional.  Loved it!  And, of course, there were relatives from both of our families that we met there!!!  Lunch was at the newest restaurant in town, and it was good.  I just think I had heard too much about how great it was.  But then - we are city folks!

Thought we might be able to go back early.  G developed a floater in his eye.  This one isn't something serious, but I was so tempted to make it sound like it was really an emergency.  So I am here until Wednesday.  Between now and then I will get the house ready for the possible influx of 10 people and an undetermined number of dogs!


Sally said...

It is so very true that the children of dysfunctional families suffer and sometimes for their entire lives. No matter that they may get apologies later, it has been done. I feel so badly for them.

I like a traditional church also even though I haven't been in quite some time.

Not knowing exactly what y'all do there where you live, but is sounds like this year has been better. So, that's a good thing!


Sally said...

Oh, I'm sorry but remembered something I wanted to tell you. That (what I called a door) actually was a window back when they built this part of the house in l948. And, no that isn't stained glass; I'm guess when they added on they just wanted to do something with it. But, you're right, and I need to frame it somehow; I'm thinking perhaps an ivory or gold sheers. I'll let you know, and thanks for the tips. :)

Judy said...

I like Traditional too. Glad that young girl got to have such a great experience.

Marti said...

Ok, now I get it. That is so good of you and G to bring these kids out there.