Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Squeeking in - and yes, MORE pictures

After taking the truck to the shop for new breaks, having breakfast out (I so love to have breakfast out!), and getting new designs downloaded to make hair pretties for my granddaughters, I am back here on the computer.

It was a rather busy day, and I made a really cute head band for Katie.  I will take a picture of it and the others I plan to do this weekend (yes, MORE pictures ahead).  I also am in the process of making one of those deco-mesh wreaths with a football (that I also downloaded and embroidered) for my grandson's football team.  I already know what my daughter will say - the blue is Houston Oiler Blue, not the Colt blue.  Oh well.

So in the pictures today - we leave Seattle, heading back down through Montana and Colorado.  I don't know how far I will get.

What a change in scenery! 

This is the Columbia River. 

This is the area of the "Dry Falls."  The last ice age caused the river to change courses, leaving these falls dry.  They are said to be taller than Niagra Falls.  And no - I don't know who photo bombed me.  Or actually I guess I just didn't work hard enough to not include them,

This is to my right.  I guess more of what the falls were.  The water under this one really looks nasty.  I wasn't going to include that.  Obviously these coulies collect rainwater only.

I would have passed this little restaurant up.  There was one across the street, and I was surprised we didn't go there.  Well - it was closed.  This place was amazing.  It was so clean you literally could have eaten off the floor.  A little mom and pop place that took no credit cards.  You had to go down the street to the grocery or bank to get to an ATM if you had to.  The food was so good, and very quick.  I was really glad we stopped!


Judy said...

WOW--I never heard of those "dry" falls.
When traveling, we always stopped at the Mom and Pops to eat AND at their motels for the night. Might be an eclectic style in decoration, but the rooms were clean, comfortable and cheap.

Sally said...

Oh, I'm so glad you posted more pics from the trip. Love them. And, girl you are busy, busy! Wish I had the "know how" to make hair bows for my littles.

We had a Mom and Pop place here, and that was the name of it. Best cheeseburgers EVER. As I grew a little older, Mom let me go into the kitchen with her. The cheeseburgers had relish and a little mustard & that's the only way they were served. Thanks for prompting an old memory for me. :)