Monday, October 13, 2014

Where did the weekend go?

I was so looking forward to yesterday.  G and Steve (and Reagan) left for the SSB.  Steve wanted to fill his feeder and so on.  He hasn't been there in about a year.  G is a little miffed at him.

We really don't like for him to go without one of us.  He isn't diligent about things.  Once he was there with a friend (about 10 years ago - and a looonnng story).  When they left, they left out my good cloth folding chairs out in the weather, didn't close the blinds (and our sun is unrelenting), and the thermostat turned down to 70 (in the mid of summer).  He CONSTANTLY puts plastics in the burn barrel.  Leaves trash all around.  So we try to make sure we are there to keep things doing well.

I just remembered  - he did go without us last year (we came later).  My DVD is broken now.  The reader won't read the disc.  It always has been finicky - having to have s disc in it to open easily.   I believe they didn't look and plopped another disc in it thus damaging the part that reads.

Anyway - I was looking forward to my time here - by myself.  But there was church yesterday, then the congregational meeting work session.  The budget was one of a church that had all the money in the world.  G had already tried to talk to the pastor about it.  So I went.  All in all, the council people realized they needed to look at that budget and do more cutting.  Other things we have a problem will never change.  So.

But now they are on their way home.  I never had time to relish my time alone!  I said I would do this - I have the girls.  It wouldn't be a problem except we are getting the front with cooler, drier weather.  That means thunder storms, and I don't want to take them up to work upstairs.  But I do love those girls!

Things go back to "normal" in about another hour or so.  Boo.


Jeanette said...

Yes I hear you about the time alone. It's precious!!

Pudge450 said...

I have been reading your blog for a while. I know it should be evident, but I can't figure it out. What is SSB?

Sally said...

I totally get "it". Although I'm home alone quite a bit, it will be on a day I'm looking forward reading or just being quiet; that's when I get a phone call to "help". LOL

Judy said...

RATZ!! I remember when I relished time alone--to do whatever and whenever I wanted. Now--I have that everyday and still relish it, LOL