Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Just words today

Don't think I will post any pictures.  It worries me when I do - especially when I look at my blog and the pictures are distorted.  I guess they really aren't, but on this computer they are.  But then things are getting a little wonky with this baby.  I think she needs a check-up!

I am tired today - but I really shouldn't complain.  SIL is in Minneapolis today and tomorrow at least.  We were supposed to be on the way to the SSB.  My daughter's work has meetings way south of here today.  She was at wits end.  It seems every time Steve is out of town - so are we.

She didn't know how she was gong to handle getting the kids to and from school.  So we stayed for a day (you KNOW I am so disappointed).   Katie has practice at 6:30 (AM!!) and the other kids don't have to get on the bus until about 7:30.  So I went over at 5:50 so she could take Katie without having to wake the other two.

Would have been no problem - except Shadow decided it was time to play in the bed at 4!  I have never been a morning person, but all my working life I had to be at school at 7.  Since retiring, I sleep in until about 8 (8:30 if I am lucky).  So I am dragging a bit today.

I don't know how my daughter does it - with the exception she is young still.  I would imagine she got up and worked out this morning before I was even up.  I am pretty sure she didn't fall asleep until about midnight.  But about her age, I was part time organist at a church 25 miles from here, began a craft business, and taught middle school.  You can do things when you are young!  I forget.

So we are off tomorrow morning.  This is so that we can host the orphan (or whatever) girl on a deer hunt.  Mixed feelings here.  Happy to help get someone out and doing something different.  I just hope the one this year is a better person than the last.  I know all my electronics will be put away.  No computers out, no Kindle, no phone.  The last one used my Kindle to get on Facebook.  This is after she lied about looking for a book.  Live and learn.

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Sally said...

Oh, I can very well understand the difference in when we younger! I still wake up thankful, but can't do everything I used to even though I try. LOL

Will be thinking of you tomorrow; I hope it goes well!