Friday, December 05, 2014

I forgot

I remember the volleyball games - they went fast.  The basketball games - not so much.  I will bet you can guess where I was yesterday afternoon/early evening.

It was Katie's first basketball game - against their arch rival.  Big game for the opener. And the "a" team lost.  "B"team won  - barely.-

It was quite a good game.  They actually run plays now.   Last year, they didn't.  She has some twins on her team - don't know if they are Viet Namese - but I think so.  They play "club" ball all year around - like Katie and her swimming and water polo.  They are really good.  Not only have they worked all year around (and for several years), they also have that twin thing going on.  It is amazing watching them play.

Katie was upset after the game.  She said she was open a lot, and they never passed the ball to her.  Well - unfortunately that's the way they play.  In reality, I guess you could call them ball hogs, but they are so danged good!  It';s really hard to argue with them having the ball most of the time.

Other news around little ol' Jersey Village.  The fire down the street from Krissi was a bad one.  The house is a total loss.  The family that lives (lived) there is of modest means.  They came to JV to get better schools for their kids.  They are a Hispanic (as though that really matters) family with four kids (high school senior to second grade).

I am so proud of our citizens.  Help for them is abounding.  It is in the form of gift cards for restaurants right now and snacks for the kids in the rooms.  There is real money coming in also.  We may be surrounded by the fourth (??) largest city in the country and the biggest in Texas, but we still have that small town mentality and feel.  We look out for each other.  Plus we have a really good police department, and an excellent volunteer fire department.

My only bummer that is city related is that I have not heard from the one in charge of the thing on Sunday.  Bah!

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Sally said...

Ah, I know you really enjoy those games, but sorry that Katie was upset. I know what you mean though about the twins hogging the ball.

I'm sorry to hear that family lost their home! That always saddens me so. It's good that they live where people are kind; it's not always that way.

I hope you hear about Sunday though!