Saturday, December 06, 2014

Silly me!

I have another gmail account AND another blog.  That blog was dedicated to the business, and, like the business, it has been sitting silent for a long time.   That is until today when I realized I used it to comment on a blog.  Then when I came here, I THOUGHT I was back here.  Nope!  I also realized I made this mistake December 2.  I posted over there.   Well... guess the mind is really going.

I sit here - in pajamas - when I should be heading out to Jo Anns or Hobby Lobby.  I need pin backs for my little pins and I need bags for them.  I know I have some large bags - some
where.  When I put things away in the craft room(s), I try to put them where it makes sense.  Well - they are put away really well.

And I STILL haven't heard from the woman who is heading the committee that is putting on the thingy tomorrow.  So I will just show up with my five other people and all of our tables and assorted stuff!  Surely we won't be turned away!

See ya' Monday.  I know I will be too tired tomorrow after the show, and too rushed before.



I had decided to do anything about me, family or West on West, by Goddess, Texas...but I keeo forgetting..

Sally Crowe said...

I was so glad that you told me who you were in my comments! hahaha

Hope the show was good for you today, let us know tomorrow or whenever you can. :)