Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Silly me

When the last computer crash happened, I joined a 'Cloud' group.  I could store my "stuff" off line - in a safe place.  When the hardware crashed, I would be able to access my data.

Well., yes this is true.  What I didn't know in my Polly Anna state was that it would take hours.  It's kinda like losing weight.  It took a long time to put it on (which is really not so much my case - I can gain a lot of weight in a very short time), so it will take a long time to take it off.  To translate this into this situation: it took a long time to gather and save this data, it will take a long time to put it back after a crash.

I have the Dell upstairs, like I intended.  What is killing me is putting the designs back on it.  I am getting there, but I want to reload things that are on the SMALL external drive onto it.  Notice I said small.  I don't know what will happen if I decide to go to the big one.

Oh - what happened with the cloud.  That takes forever and a day.  Downloading from the cloud is tedious at best.  I did get some down, and really it is comforting to know that it is there and safe.  If I need to spend the time and effort, I can do it.  I just don't want to right now.

Today's wonderful activity was to visit the vampire lab.  I have four appointments this month - two of them require blood work.  One is especially important.  This is the time for the check up with Dr Poison.  I really want to know the CA25.27 number.  That is the breast cancer marker, and I am always worried about that number.  I am a seven year survivor.  That, in itself, is good.  But it seems that the villain of breast cancer always comes back.  G reads the obits, and there is usually someone who has died after an "x" year battle with breast cancer.  So...

I am realizing I am a spoiled brat.  Krissi has me so spoiled by calling everyday.  I knew it meant a lot from me, but gosh just because she is having a great time in California ...  See?  I wondered why she didn't call on Monday.  I thought she was ticked off that Brian and Christina had given me those flowers - she does things like that.  Then she posted pictures on Facebook.  They visited  The Golden Gate Bridge. 

She didn't call yesterday, and so far nothing has come on Facebook - but I haven't gotten there yet.  There were pictures from the polo swim club - I think they went to see the Redwoods. 

I just miss talking to her.  Spoiled!

So that's what's up around here.  I just don't see how I can stand this exciting life.

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Judy said...

I tried a back-up one time, on my old computer--after 36 hours, it was still downloading. I just gave up.