Thursday, July 24, 2014

I give!

Got the Dell back on Tuesday.  I promptly loaded Microsoft Office.  All was well.  I don't like Chrome and especially Window's Explorer for surfing, so I downloaded Firefox.  That's when the trouble started.

I often have used AVG on computers.  Dave installed that one on both G's and the Dell.  It was immediate that it grabbed part of Firefox as malware.  It took out parts of the program, and one of those parts is essential for the functioning of the internet.  &%r*(&^(%(&^%(!!!!

So I have been working on re-setting the downloads.  Hasn't helped.  Went back to Monday to reset the computer.  No.  Help.

Blast it all.  But in reality with the exception of one program, I don't need it to surf.  I want it to hold my machine embroidery designs, and I can get them on this computer and transfer.  I just need the special program that allows me to see the design without using a separate program that I have to open - then open the design.

Krissi and crew are leaving by 7 tomorrow morning.  With all these crashes I am a little beside myself today.  I KNOW in my mind there are other circumstances here, but still.  With the threats to America, I am still worrried as the devil. 

So that's my funk for the day.


Cheyenne said...

I don't like Chrome either. I tried it twice and kicked it to the curb both times. I use two browsers: I.E. and Firefox. I also use AVG which I had to switch to because Avast! started misbehaving. I have been using this setup for quite some time now and, knock on wood, everything is fine.

Judy said...

I love Google Chrome. isn't that strange? Whatever floats our boat, I suppose, LOL I have Bitdefender installed on my computer and it is, by far, the best virus/malware catcher I have ever had! I've used AVG and Avast, but sometimes they can get mad at the virus program installed with Windows and they cause problems. If you have them BOTH on the computer at the same time, they really fight.