Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday again - yeah, finally

And the end of another week.  At my age, I certainly shouldn't be wishing my weeks away.  That's like wishing your life away.  But I do enjoy weekends!  (I KNOW my whole life since retirement is actually a weekend!)

I was settling into a better schedule this past week.  I could fall asleep at a normal time and then wake in the mornings, but that waking hour was not what I really wanted.  We had a busy week.  Some of this is probably a re-run, but here we go.

Monday, G had an appointment with one of his stable of doctors.  But that wakes me, so I was up.  And not at 8:30 which is my best time.  Tuesday was to be my appointment with the retinal folks to have my eyeball punctured.

THAT one set off a whole avalance of problems.  The office was dark. They were closed.  G is still ranting about that one!

Wednesday was taking the car to its doctor to have its bodily fluids changed.  That meant breakfast out.  It is so good.  I love their omlets - the restaurant's not the mechanic's!

Yesterday wasn't as early a day, but G had a dermatology appointment.  And the afternoon was my eye piercing appointment.  All that went well.  I even called the retinal folks to make sure I had an appointment since I didn't get a call on Wednesday!

Today Clyde has his day of beauty.  Bath and nail trim.  So that meant early rising.   They like for the dogs to be there early.  Well - early for me is about 8.  Needless to say, last night was one of "those" nights of being awake until after 1 a.m.

Today Katie comes back from camp.  They don't even get a whole week anymore like I did and my kids did.  I guess the staff needs a day to regroup before the next avalance of campers.

Krissi got a call from the "day camp" that is being held at our old church.  The Youth Minister was hemming and hawing about Reagan.  Krissi thought he had gotten hurt (or done something he shouldn't have).  Finally Michelle said - "well they were preparing for a skit and he got marker on his shirt."  Krissi assured her that she wasn't really that worried about just a shirt - she was just happy he didn't get the marker in his eye!   Amen to that sista'

Katie is really upset.  She was to play a water polo tournement this weekend.  It is down south of here where we have a bunch of relatives living.  I wanted to go along both to see her play and visit with kin-folk.  But the opthalamologist has put the brakes on that activity.   This was not in Katie's plans.

And - a week late but it's our first chance Family Dinner will be for my son's, my baby's, 38th birthday.  When my daughter turned 40 it didn't really hit me so, but this is my baby.  My youngest!  Goodness - I am old - which is something I really realize doing genealogy.  Most of those folks - especially those in the early 1920's and before - died in their 60's!



sounds like a full week.

Sally Crowe said...

My daughter will be FIFTY in November, and you think you're old. pffft NAH! :)