Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Here at the end of the world

We are so far from civilization.  Even when we go to a city - we are far from civilization.

Why am I so much of a nay sayer?  Well, first I left my eyedrops for the glaucoma at home.  I was going to be sure to pack them, but guess what.  There are two partial bottles in the night stand and a full one in the cabinet.  Even if I were to go into Fredericksburg (45 miles away) where there is a Walgreens, AND convince them to search for the number, the insurance would put a stop to them filling it.  "It isn't time."

In addition to that, I am feeling a twinge of a gout flare up.  Did I bring those anti-inflamatory pills?  No.  And there was no refill on them anyway.  So I am up the creek without a paddle.  I do have some anti-inflamatories that I was given for my right knee that hurts.  I just PRAY they work for this.

I know I am not supposed to have beef either.  So what are we having for dinner - BEEF fajitas of course.  And when did we make the trek to the store in Mason - this afternoon before the twinge began.  And what proteins do I have a lot of here - BEEF.

Of course the trip in was to get the old Dodge inspected.  It is actually my daughter's and SIL's.  He never took really good care of it.  So the a/c has a leak, and it is only in the high 90's here.  When we got to the mechanic's he said the tires wouldn't pass inspection.  They had dry rotted.

G immediately thought Steve pulled one of his stunts buying them from some off beat guy.  So after nearly $1000, we got an inspection sticker.  All I can say is they were so bad, it had to have been God's hand that delivered us to the shop without the tires coming apart.  They were that bad.

As it turns out, the tires were six years old.  They did come from a good dealer.  They were just old, and dry rotted.

So here I sit drinking gallons upon gallons of water.  I will try to eat very little of the meats this week - with the exception of the chicken.  I just hope the pills I have here and the water work!


Judy said...

I think, next time, you better make a check list of what to take?

Marti said...

I have done that and then had to go to the drug store and pay full price for a week's worth of pills. That does tend to make me remember them the next time too. Sounds like you are going to have a hungry week.