Saturday, July 05, 2014

Clydie Clyde

Clyde has to be one of the most laid back dogs in the world.  It seems nothing bothers him.  We have not even had him for a year yet - close but not yet.  But he seemingly has no prey-drive which is great for shadow.  We wish he had a bit though so he would chase those pesky squirrels (don' t hate me squirrel lovers - remember they badly damage our house and take each and every pecan from our tree).

Loud noises don't seem to bother him.  That is also great because we are in a period of afternoon thunderstorms.  LOUD thunderstorms.  He sleeps through them.

So with the fourth here, I thought he would be just fine.  Our city doesn't allow fireworks, but we are surrounded by houses in the county - and they fire them off.  Plus, I really think there are more and more here in the city (and remember we are very small) who are using them.  So it was noisy last night.

Shadow is such a coward, and he was totally freaked out.  He was sure someone or something was going to come in the house.  He is convinced that if someone comes into the house - they are going to kill him!  When I went to feed him last night, all the popping coupled with the rattling of the food bag had him totally freaked out!

Clyde's routine at night is to go out one final time at 10.  So that time came, and the popping was terrible.  G said that as soon as he opened the door, there was a loud bang - shotgun loud.  Clyde decided that going out into that was not something he was going to do.

Fortunately this dog can go for very extended times to relieve himself - either because he is stubborn or has to.  So it meant he was either going to wake us in the night, or wait until this morning.  Well - wait it was.  He was good to go until about 8:30.

We have learned he isn't quite as laid back as we thought!


Jeanette said...

My cats have been freaked out for the past two nights! I can't wait for this holiday to be done!

Judy said...

Good boy!!!