Thursday, July 10, 2014

Over 250

That's how many viruses and malware were on G's computer.  It's all clean and running well - we will see how long that lasts.  The computer guru put Avast on it and has it set for a weekly run of checking.

I am such a doubter because he would crash computers at work - though the protected network.  The man destroys computers.  It's not that he goes to really unsavory sites - like porn and the like.  He just opens things from places that he doesn't really know and shouldn't really trust,

I am not innocent in this aspect however.  It was recently that I realized that some of my "trusted" embroidery sites had viruses and malware in their downloads.  So I am in the process of trying to get  the baby Toshiba back up and running fast.  I may send it do Dave (the guru) because $75 is really cheap to get it cleaned and tuned up! 

This one I scan almost daily with two different programs.  May be overkill, but I know there are STILL some baddies lurking on it.  One thing I would like to get rid of are the excess tool bars.  I hate them, and I haven't known how to get rid of them in many years.  Just like I don't remember how to get an XP on a different modem.

So, my computer is mine once again.  If something happens to it now - it is totally my fault.  It's almost like sharing a toothbrush - I really don't want to do that - ever and with anyone!


Judy said...

I uninstalled tool bars--some of them come automatically with programs that you install. I think I had to Google how to do it--or go to the tool bar, and right click? Can't remember now. You may have to hide your computer to keep his mitts off it!!!

Sally Crowe said...

Glad you're up and running. I had to laugh at Judy's comment.

I pay at&t $15.00 a month for keeping mine clean; so far it's been worth the money since I've had two virus's. :)

Cheyenne said...

I am so glad my husband is not interested in computers. Any mistakes are all mine to own up to.

Cheyenne said...
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