Monday, July 14, 2014


Last night was the infamous "Family Dinner."  While I do enjoy this gathering, regardless how I make it sound here, and regardless how much it puts me in a tizzy when I host, it is so important.  It is the ONLY way I am keeping our family together.  Once again I refer to the old adage "a daughter is a daughter all of her life and a son is a son until he takes a wife" because it is so true.

My example of recent times - they missed the family reunion in Dallas because they were in Louisiana with her dad and that family for a week.  They will be gone in the middle of August for a week because they will be at the coast with him again.  Easter was spent with her mother at the coast.  Do you get my picture here?  The wife's family gets the attention.

And to be fair - daughter's family is usually with us.  Even though his family is in San Antonio, Krissi and Steve moved away from them to live here.  They are a mile away.

But back.  I decided that we would have pork ribs last night.  When we went to the store to shop, I didn't think the one rack of ribs would feed everyone.  But G "explained" that he didn't want 10 pounds of ribs.  I was thinking that - well we are feeding perhaps 12 people ...

I should have known Brian's kids wouldn't eat.  At least not ribs.  So I put out 5 of Clyde's reward frankfurters (I refuse to use the other common name because it sends the older kids into gales of laughter).  What do Reagan and Karrington head for immediately - those!

I was still frantic.  There was a huge pile of ribs, but before Steve went into this Beachbody thing, he could (and would) have eaten the entire pile alone along with the bowl of potato salad.  As it was - with everyone with the exception of G and the kids being on the diet, there were plenty of ribs, and had I followed my inclination we would have had a huge amount of left overs!

So we finally celebrated Brian's 38th birthday.  Now we have two more for the month and we are through until September when its Brian's daughter's (Delaney) birthday.  Then there is an acalanche of birthdays again.

And tomorrow - we are headed back to the SSB.  This year my name for the place is really true.  EVERYTHING either sticks, stings of bites.  Lots of grass burrs, scorpions, and snakes.  

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love pork ribs..and potato that was a good dinner.