Friday, July 18, 2014

Here in the outback

I did have success warding off a flare up of gout.  I am drinking about four gallons of water a day, and perhaps the other pills worked.  I still don't have eye drops.  Even IF I could call the problem in to Walgreens in Fredericksburg, it has been raining too much these last two days to make me want to leave.  The roads are quagmires.     It will certainly be a reminder the next trip.

Wouldn't you know that I forgot my camera this trip too.  (Makes one wonder just what I did remember!!!) We are surrounded with wild life that is attempting to come in the house, or so it seems. 

We have a pair of road runners that apparently have a next somewhere close by.  They are up on the decks - front and back - looking in the glass doors.  Shadow is curious, but I know he is intimated by those BIG birds.  He gets about three feet from the door and chirps at them.  If you have ever had a cat that looks at birds out the window - you know that chirp.  Clyde is very, very interested.

We also have a whole bunch of cotton tail rabbits - whatever that bunch is called.  I think a warren.  Anyway, they have no fear.  Last night I took Clyde out to relieve himself and there were two rabbits nt more than four feet from us.  Mr Clyde, who has no prey drive for the pesky squirrels that eat all of out pecans and damage our house, wanted to chase those rabbits.  And those fool rabbits kept coming closer and closer.  That was not a pleasant trip outside.  Then he wanted to hit every stand of high grass.  I had enough wildlife at that point, and a rattle snake was not in my plans.

This morning, we looked out the front glass door - and low and behold - a rabbit!  This time Shadow felt it was more his size, and he was quite interested.

Ah, yes - fun and games in the outback!


Marti said...

I love to watch wildlife here. We've had a pair of roadrunners in the yard this summer too. So funny to see them look in the window. And yes, I know that cat chirp sound too.

Judy said...

Be careful--if you drink too much water, it can flush out all your sodium and put in the hospital with heart palipitations!