Friday, July 04, 2014

We shall see

The other night I was thinking of how I really had wanted to go with Krissi and her family to San Jose, but since that trip bas morphed into 10 days because Reagan and Katie won't be swimming at the same times, I won't go.  Plus, they did the smart thing and found a two bedroom apartment for the stay rather than a hotel.  But I really wanted to see San Francisco and the San Jose areas.

So I mentioned to G that I on the NEXT vacation I wanted to go to California.  I would LIKE to see San Diego - not just the zoo, San Francisco and the like.

Now - if you remember, the year we went to the Outer Banks, I wanted to do to New York City and Philadelphia.  Now  I really enjoyed the trip to the Outer Banks.  I got to meet a blogger friend while in the general area by taking a short side trip.

In September, we are taking another trup.  The big part of that one is to ride Amrak's Empire Builder that runs from Seattle/Portland area to Chicago.  When we went to the train convention in Portland a couple of years ago, that was to be our way home.  But there was the flooding in the midwest that washed out the rails.  Hard to ride a train then!  AND one of the other routes had a semi hitting the passenger train - thus shutting down that route.  So we ended up renting a car to drive home.  It was cheaper than booking a last minute air ticket.

We went through some areas that I thought looked interesting, and I would have liked to have stopped to see, but we were on a strict schedule.  We had to make it home in four days.  We do not drive at night.  There are far too many animals out on the highways.  We spend a lot of time in the "wilds" od Texas remember. 

SO I made the suggestion that since we would either begin on end in the Seattle area again - why don't we rent a car again and follow that track again?  It was agreed BUT G wants to go a different way - a really different way.

Seeing a pattern here??  There surely is one.  I get close, but...

So there is a California trip in the works.  Where in the heck we end up - who knows.  But at least I will get back to California,  Perhaps I should have said I wanted to go to Miami.

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