Monday, July 07, 2014

Fun time for Katie and WOOO HOOO!!!

Yesterday Katie went off to her first church camp.  I know she is going to have such a great time.  It is common in the Lutheran church for the kiddos in confirmation to go to camp together.  This is a first for our church.  I really think our Pastor doesn't like kids, so I can't imagine him spending 6 days and 5 nights with the 13/14 year olds. 

We do have our Vicar (student pastor) whose husband is the director of the camp, so she is happily with the kids for this event.  That is even better.  She is so great, and the kids absolutely love her. 

I am sure Katie will have a great time.  She has never been away like this, but I know she will hit the groove immediately.  When she found out they would swim shortly after getting there yesterday, all was great.  That is certainly her medium.


The phone just rang, and I looked at the caller id.  It was the colonoscopy doctor's office.  Even though I was sure that all was well, I still had that immediate feeling of dread.  One bout of cancer has been enough for me, and I will do screenings to try to prevent another.

So I answered, and wouldn't you know - the nurse hesitated just briefly.  That felt like a day! As I waited, I know my heart must have quickened a bit. 

She identified herself.  Then the great words - "the pathology report came back OK.  Dr Toland says FIVE years for the next one."  What a wonderful thing!  If I am even still around, I may skip that one.  After all - how long does it take for the cancer to grow.

Now we  will see about G.  He really gets the polyps.  This time they were small, and there was only one that was suspicious.  So we wait for that one. 

That's the WOOOO HOOO for me for the day - five years!


Now if my ears would remain clear.  Living in a swamp is hard on my ears.  I get fungus infections so very easily.  My ears itch like crazy - then I shove something in there (cotton-tip, hair pin - that kind of stuff).  Then they get worse, and then fluid builds up and I can't hear.  They clear and it starts all over with them getting flaky and itchy.

Guess where I am today.  Right - yesterday both ears almost completely occluded.  Such fun.  So I will be putting vinegar in my ears (forget the diluted solution - straight vinegar), and then the anti-fungal about four times a day.  If that doesn't work, it will be off to the ENT to have them vacuumed out!

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Sally Crowe said...

So glad to hear the pathology report came back good! I need to have a colonoscopy, and keep putting it off.

I'm sorry you have such trouble with your ears. :(

Katie's camp sounds so much like what I'd do with the kids from my church when my daughter was little. I was a youth counselor for 13-16 y/o kids. I loved every minute! :)