Friday, August 01, 2014

Ah - weekend,. like it's really different.

But I guess it is different because it means I will have to be chief chef.  But that's ok - I will only be cooking for 4 (and three non-eating kiddos).  The others will not be back from California yet.  I will post some pictures taken from Facebook about them (Katie) at the end.

My beautiful flowers are fading, but those lillies are still opening.  The whole thing is thin, but still sort of pretty!

G's birthday present for me arrived today.  It is a Ninja cooking system.  It looks like a slow cooker, but browns, bakes and does the usual slow cooker stuff.  It is really neat.   And with all the chicken and fish I have been doing in the oven that is a great thing.  Our summer has been unusually mild, but it has been trying to get to 100. I am sure it will happen before fall!  Really looking forward to using it!

OK - now PICTURES!!  I guess I am worse than showing vacation pictures to a captive audience.  And it isnt even my vacation.  Just my Katie!!
The whole family taking a side trip.  Selfies really distort!

Katie is the one on the right.  This is after a game  - and right now it seems they are 4 wins and 2 losses

G and I disagree, but I believe Katie is the 4 th from the left. 

A little pep talk before the game. 
So have a great weekend if I don't come back this weekend to strain your eyes with my stuff!


Jeanette said...

Nice pictures, Karen! Enjoy your weekend!

Judy said...

I think Katie is the 4th from the right. Enlarge the photo and see what you think.