Thursday, July 03, 2014

And we are done for a while

G had his colonoscopy this morning.  He took the first appointment, so we had to be there at 5!  I can't believe I am so sleepy!  The good thing we were finished, ate breakfast at Steak and Shake and were home by 8:45. But I am not worth shooting.  They found nine small polyps, but he wasn't really concerned about them.  He said G was probably genetically disposed for them, and he would just have to keep after them.  I started to ask the doc how long does it take before they could become cancerous.  Planning ahead!

I should do laundry today, but there's always tomorrow. 

I had lunch with a friend yesterday.  She has been having terrible back problems.  She was in the hospital for several days, and they never figured out why or what is going on.  She is a very heavy woman, and didn't realize just how heavy she is.  She told me they weighed her as 500 pounds. 

One doctor came in and the first words out of his mouth were "you need bariatric surgery."  She told him that she was an intelligent person and knew exactly how she got in that position, and she was not going to have the surgery.  She wanted to do it the old fashioned way.

I agree with her.  That surgery is a help, but you still have to watch what you eat (if you can eat).  There are so many complications that come with it.  She has a friend who developed gangrene, and another breast cancer.

G thinks I am silly, but I really believe that for some women, big weight loss can cause breast cancer.  I developed it after I lost about 50 pounds.  I know that fat holds estrogen, and my tumor was an estrogen receptor.  In fact - the only med I am taking after treatment is to stop estrogen production.

While I am not saying women shouldn't lose weight, I do feel that there is estrogen released.  But back to my friend.  She has lost 23 pounds this month after being in the hospital.  Good for her!

We had a great time talking.  "Lunch" lasted two hours, and then I had to go grocery shopping.  Haven't really been in a month, and my bill showed it!

I lead such an exciting life.  Happy to share!  I know you are just held spell-bound now!


Judy said...

Hey--your life is more exciting than mine--so WRITE ON!!!

Sally Crowe said...

Yeah, more exciting than mine too. :)