Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Told ya' so and other events

First order of business is a small rant about physician's offices.  I had my monthly appointment for my eye spearing yesterday.  I remembered that they didn't call to remind me of the appointment on Monday, but dismissed the thought.  We got off of the elevator and turned the corner to see a dark, locked office.  G was (well best word) pissed.  He is still fuming.  They CLAIMED to have called me to change the appointment.  I told them that my phone is always on an answering machine AND I have caller ID, and they were not there.  So their response was "well, do you have a cell phone that might be better?"

I nearly dropped the phone.  I responded that if I didn't get anything on the phone that is always on, I certainly wouldn't get a call on a phone that is just as likely to be off than on.  They then acted like they were doing me a big favor and giving me an appointment for tomorrow afternoon that "just opened up."  Geesh!


So after that experience, we loaded up G's computer and my previously dropped laptop that the clowns over here really messed up to take them to be repaired.  I knew his was absolutely eaten up with malware and viruses.  That was why is was so slow.  And because I tried to fix it, he blames me for the malware.

I loaded one of the top programs for keeping all this stuff off the computer, but he never  updated the program.  In fact, he complained about the reminders and shut them down as something that was a pain in the rear.  I was going to load another really good, free program to get rid of the malware.  I told him what site to log into, thinking surely he could do that.  Guess what - he didn't.  So what I downloaded was masquerading as the program I wanted.  It was malware itself.  And you know how this household runs - it was my fault that his computer finally just quit working for all practical purposes!

The guy called this morning about his.  It has about 300 cases of malware on it.  That's why I don't want him using my computer.  I spend a day cleaning it after he has been on the internet.  He usually ends his session with "the little icon is just spinning around."  Yeah - you have loaded my computer with malware now.  But it will be fixed for only $75!  Yea!  But I told him what was wrong - and he argued with me.  Told ya'.


Katie, Katie, Katie.  My physically adept grandchild, but the one who is so accident prone.  She is a church camp.  Yesterday was full day 2.  Yesterday she was participating so hard that she got something in her eye they couldn't flush out, so she went to some teeny, tiny town's drive in emergency clinic. 

Her mom called later to tell me what happened.  She got a splinter (?????!!!!) in her eye.  She needs to see a doctor this morning.  She certainly makes life interesting.  Fortunately our Vicar is with the kids.  She is so calm and sweet.  Pastor C wouldn't have been a good one in this case - at all.  So I am waiting to see what the verdict is from the doctor.  I asked Krissi if she got the splinter in the cornea or in the sclera (white part) but she had no idea.  Oh, Katie!



avast is good and I have malwarebytes..they are free..I have a friend and every computer, laptop etc would crash and burn after her husband would get on it..she took it to be fixed and the guy said it was full of porn site malwares..that the browser for his useage was all porn sites..she won't let him use her lap top now..I would have kicked his ass out, but that's me..

Sally Crowe said...

Oh, I hope Katie is okay!

I was glad to read that your computer is up and doing well now. Yes, I'd have to agree to "hands off". :)