Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Home again

And I am more than glad.  While we were gone, the local web page was full of car burglaries that happened Saturday night.  While they were concentrated in another part of the Village, and they were cars left unlocked (and usually on the street), I was a little concerned.  We had our alarm on, and the truck was locked and far back in the driveway, but still.

Last week or so, a guy came to the door while I was gone.  He asked G if he "wanted to sell the car in the garage."  Now that isn't really visible from the street - especially with the truck parked in front of it.  G answered the door with the pistol in the other hand.  Obviously the guys were casing the street.  Oh, and the car - - he said VW - no it is a 1965 MGB.

But everything was as I expected - just fine when we got in.


My poor little Dell laptop that was dropped in Alaska came home again last night.  We found a great guy to fix these little devices that can become so sick.  The idiots that worked on the Dell before - and lost all my pictures, the thing I really wanted - didn't replace the hard drive.  And really I am glad.  Dave did the hard drive and put Windows 7 back on all for $144.  That is a good deal in these parts.

So home again for a month.  Krissi and family are headed to California on Friday for 10 days.  I really wish I were going with them, and had I really gotten on the ball I could have.  The older two are swimming in the Junior Olympics there.  It should be a lot of fun.

Me?  It is doctor appointment month.  I have FOUR!   Gotta have my three thousand mile check up.  I begin with the eye injection, and finish with seeing Dr Poison.  I hope my cancer enzyme number is still within range.  It is always a worry.

But today - hair cut.   (So it doesn't stick out too far out of the wig)

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hope all your drs apts have good results.