Saturday, July 12, 2014

Making memories

Reagan's 10th birthday was last Sunday.  I didn't have a present at the time, and I told him we would once again go out for him to shop and then lunch.

When we were heading to the store he was talking about all the fun memories he has of going out with me to shop for his birthday.  I had no idea.

He is a sweet boy, and I really think he will grow into a great man.  With his mom and two sisters, he has learned to be very considerate.  He is surrounded by strong women, and he knows how to survive.

He pretty much knew what he wanted, and the shopping was (thankfully) very short.  He wanted video games, and I know his parents would like to wring my neck.  He is addicted to those games - to the point of (and TMI here) becoming constipated because he won't leave the games.

But that's what we got, and then headed off to lunch.  I was surprised at his choice, and we called "Pa" to join us - at his suggestion.

According to Krissi - he had a great time.  Makin' memories.

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Sally Crowe said...

There's not anything sweeter than spending time with the littles! I have 3 great grandchildren and boy is the time is fleeting. :)