Wednesday, July 02, 2014

What's going on here?

OK - be forewarned, this is a mini-rant, but really more of, as is used so often these days, WTF?

What is going on with Google and Yahoo?  First I have a Yahoo mail account.  That is where I get notifications of new (free!) embroidery designs and other things related to the embroidery stuff.  I knew they messed with the groups, but now they have messed with the email.  I pretty much just wrote them off until I realized today that my sewing class comunicates through Yahoo.  They have a group on Yahoo, and this is where we get our meeting notification, what to bring and so on. 

Going to Yahoo mail these days just gives you "your group update" and really doesn't tell me much.  So I haven't been using it for over a month.  Now I just go to that one group, but it still really bothers me.  There have been complaints about Yahoo and the groups for a long time, now I agree.  I don't understand why the change in email.

THEN I went to comment on some blogs today.  Google is asking for your identification now when you comment.  Ok.  That has been going on for a while.  Today, I had two comments wiped out before I could get them posted.  I noticed another commentor has posted that their comments disappeared before they were posted. 

I haven't had the problem until today, and I really don't like this.  So I decided that I wouldn't re-write my comments AFTER choosing my ID. 

Well - that's off my chest, but I am considering moving this little place.  Like that would hurt Blogger!  What a threat!


One thing I forgot from yesterday.  When I was out on Monday,  Shadow went bonkers.  G was sitting here in my "office" which happens to be at the breakfast table (I was run out of the study when he retired).  He was sitting here because the shredder is next to my chair shredding some documents.  Shadow suddenly came from under the table and bit the wowie out of his arm.

Shadow has always been quick to bite, but usually when you do something to him that he doesn't like.  But not like this.

I don't know if it's because he has been left here when we went to Arkansas and Dallas or what.  Needless to say, he isn't on G's good list!



yahoo sucks..Barb n I email each other back n forth, and it will get longer n longer...and it won't send we start a ner if there are more than 3-4 sends on won't send...pisses me off.

Judy said...

I hate Yahoo! I do not use is anymore--not for anything. I used to have my groups there too, but it just got so bad.