Monday, July 28, 2014


These are from my son and daughter in law.  We had a mini celebration with them last night, and these were a little something for my birthday that was Saturday.  We will have a real celebration for my middle granddaughter about August 9.  That will be before Brian and Christina and kids head to the beach with her dad, and Krissi and Steve and kids will be back from San Jose.

Karrigton's birthday was on the 20th.  We have a total of four birthdays in July.  We get Brian and eldest grandson the first part - the 6th and 7th.  Then Karrington and I have the later ones.  Krissi and Steve's wedding anniversary is the 27th.  Busy month.

Christina didn't want to bring my present because it was a group present.  And she still has Karrington's.  I still need to take her shopping and lunch too.  So another big do in August.  It seems like July birthdays are getting really spread out!

I do so love cut flowers.  Lillies and hydrangeas are among my absolute favorite flowers too.  I will really hate to see these fade.  I think I love this arrangement more than if it had been roses!  BYW - please overlook the "puppy bombs" and other bits of things on the bar with the flowers.  Things just seem to land there!

On the water polo front in San Jose, Reagan's team has been beaten soundly in the games I have heard about.  Water polo is just gaining popularity here in Texas.  Don't know why - seems like the perfect sport for Texans.  Rough and tumble.  But it's a different story in California.

The folks from here are suffering a bit, which is surprising.  The pools are outdoors.  Here our Natatoriums are indoors.  Plus, California is having a hot spell.  Tough sitting in the stands.  No shade!


Judy said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Karen. The bouquet is gorgeous!


flowers are just beautiful..happy belated birthday

Jeanette said...

Really beautiful flowers! Happy belated birthday!

Jeanette said...

Really beautiful flowers! Happy belated birthday!