Thursday, October 01, 2009

I knew there was a reason I hated going to Wally World. I totally remembered in a flash yesterday. It's not merely the fact the stores are huge, it is the fellow shoppers. They are, for the most part, strange and rude - hence the web site about them.

I really wanted to get in and out because that was only my first stop. I had pretty much decided that I was going to use one of the motorized carts. Guess what - they were in use by folks that looked to be in their 30's. So I got a regular cart and began my trudging.

My first stop was shampoo for G. There was a lady parked in the middle of the isle perusing every type of shampoo. She really shouldn't worry about what kind of shampoo. I am an expert here. I have always had thin hair, both is texture and amount. After chemo, it never got any better. I really believe the pill I take does that. I wear a wig.

This woman didn't have much more hair on her head than I do. But she was going to take her time looking for a shampoo. I could have whipped that wig off my head and told her that none of them work to give you more hair. But I didn't. I finally got around her.

It seemed that it didn't matter which way I was going in the aisle. It seems it was the wrong, and I didn't have right of way. All these others wanted to crash into me. It was like a demolition derby!

When I finally got to checkout, there weren't too many people at any of the registers, but #16 looked really promising. She was paying, so I could get right in, right?? Not on your life. She still had a cart full of items. So she was all checked out. She swiped what looked like a credit card. I think it was a gift card. It wasn't accepted. She tried again, and they fooled around some more. Finally she said "they don't want me to use it twice in one day." She pulled out another card, and after some sort of voodoo and high finance, she was gone. I was about to die. My feet, legs and hips were screaming!

I went on to three more stores, and it was uneventful with the exception of the big drug store. A woman in a mini-van really couldn't see when she was backing out. There was a huge FedEx delivery truck across from her, so the parking lot was not large at all. She decided she would continue backing out even though there was traffic. There was no place for her to go, but go she must! I had to pull into the parking places at the side or she was going to hit me. It was the perfect topper to my day!


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judemiller1 said...

Oh Wally World--don't you just love that store? (NOT)--I do love the website of the People of Wal-Mart however--they certainly are a strange breed.