Friday, October 23, 2009

If it weren't for bad luck ...

Simone has been sick for at least three weeks now. We are going to get a referral to Texas A&M for further testing. Our vets have exhausted their arsenal. Of course, we are going to yank her out into the troop carrier to travel to the SSB. And I have to get to the vet's office for her nausea pills.

I am third on the list for the glass company. But it is already 10:21. I just keep hoping for the phone to ring. I am tied because when I checked the cell this morning, it wouldn't charge. I have become so totally technologically lame, I couldn't remember how to get the battery compartment open. I finally did and it is sitting there charging. It is going to take it a while.

I don't take stress well at all. My intestines are in an armed revolt. I wonder if one of the dog's tranquillizers would help me??

Well enough of this pity party. I hope your weekend will be wonderful.


1 comment:

judemiller1 said...

sounds like you need half an Ativan and a nice nap--things would look better after that :-)