Tuesday, October 06, 2009

This and that

I thought I had outsmarted the gas company. I gave them my cell phone number. No matter where I went, I would have my cell phone to get their thirty minute warning. I was upstairs sewing happily away on my new machine. A little after 4, it gave the message tone. I listened to my message. It was the gas company saying they were on their way. The message was at 3:38 the guy said. But my phone never rang. I nearly broke my neck running down the stairs, and then hopped in the car to get to the house.

I waited and waited. G came over. We waited some more. At 5:15, we decided we had missed them, so we left. I was so distraught because I just couldn't change the mechanical and structural inspection again. Besides, I had spent two days now waiting.

When I got to the house this morning, there was a door hanger. The gas company was there at 6. Ummm, by my calculations that is just a tad more than 30 minutes.

We had the inspections. The gas appliances in the house are the central heat and the water heater. Both of those are fairly new and shouldn't be a problem. So I am not too worried about them. The inspector found some moderate settling in the house. Down here, we all pretty much have concrete slabs that our houses are built on. When it gets dry, houses settle. Sometimes the slab cracks. But that one is moderate probably due to the summer heat and drought.

So now we are on to closing - I guess. I think I will let my renters turn on the gas. They have to anyway. I am really sick of the gas company!!!

In other stuff and things. I took the remaining parts of the old machine to the store today. I saw they already had my old one out for sale. It was considerably less than they gave me on trade in. Poor soul that buys that lemon.


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judemiller1 said...

I just hate how companies treat us little people nowadays. I have had the same problem with the cable company--calling with a thirty minute "warning" that took them 90 minutes to get here. I have better things to do with my time than wait--well, no I don't really, but...it is the principle of the thing!