Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How true

Things have been hopping around here - mostly with "the" house. If we ever close . . .

But I have been taking some time to cruise the internet. I noticed that my nephew was on Facebook. M has always been a bit different, and he still is. He and Son are the same age - M being weeks younger. He finally got his degree, and is working on his Master's (Son never finished, but then he is doing OK). He now lives here in Swampland, but we never hear from him.

When I discovered he was on Facebook, I asked him to be a friend. He is friends to his aunt on his mother's side and that whole family. He replied with a nice little email, but never mentioned being a friend. Sure enough, we are not friends.

That hurt my feelings a little, but M is M. But it got me to thinking the old adage : a daughter is a daugter all her life; a son is a son until he takes a wife. Then as I was reading Judy's blog, I thought of it again.

It is true of my son. They spend more time with C's family. It is true of SIL. They are closer to us. It was true with G. What I didn't realize it that it would extend to the children. M's family is closer to my SIL's family.

Family relationships are complicated - and funny.

In other news, Daughter called with the latest in the saga of her step-daughter. It seems like step told her mother that she was at her grandparents house with her dad (SIL) when they all got into a bad argument that caused SIL to get in the car and leave. We don't know why she decided to do this. SIL is in Mississippi - not the Alamo City. But step's mom texted him and blessed him out. They the truth came out. Would I love to be a fly on the wall? You bet!! I am just wondering what kind of trouble Step is in. Poor kid. Her life looks really bleak. She needs major therapy - now! I hope she gets is, but I know it won't happen. She is one of five from three relationships. Sad.


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