Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is it safe yet?

It isn't! Duck under the bed and grab your head.

This "snake-bit" (used it again Shawna!) house we have been messing with since July 2 finally went to closing today. The skies warned us not to go. We had another round of heavy, flooding rains this morning.

I went to the bank to withdraw the money via a cashier's check. It looked like the heavens were breaking finally. The rains were lessening. A good sign? Perhaps. Or perhaps not.

I went to pick up G from work. Usually the traffic on our freeway into town is crowded. There was no traffic. Good omen?

We get into the closing, and the owners are there. I really didn't want to meet them. I knew we were getting the house way under its value. They, like so many others got into trouble with their mortgage, and their mortgage company (according to the woman) wouldn't work with them. She said that they had tried a year ago to get some kind of help, and nothing came about. So I was uncomfortable - very.

All went well - we thought. One sticking factor has been a broken window. Our mortgage company is demanding it be repaired 24 hours after closing. Getting things about the "invoice" have been a joke, but we got one sent to them. We were to have paid it at closing. We didn't. Because the mortgage company didn't include it, like they didn't include the loan application.

The glass company was set to come after 2. We were just barely out of closing at 1:30 when they called. They would be at the house in about 30 minutes. So we had to cancel. I pray they are there in the morning.

Then G called me at 3:30. Our mortgage company demanded that we deliver a check to the title company TODAY or they wouldn't fund the loan. G was furious. But he finally lowered to a mild simmer and went over.

So - he paid. I will meet the glass company tomorrow - if they show before noon. I will have to give a credit card for security until they get the check from the title company.

I. Want. To. Hide. Under. The. Bed. I am beginning to think there is a spell on that house!



judemiller1 said...

OHMIGOSH--remind me never to do this. I want none of the responsibilities that go with a rental home nor buying one.

flying eagle woman said...

ohhhh BIG SMILE!!! I just saw this one! THANKS!