Wednesday, October 21, 2009


That pretty much sums up the way I feel today. In fact, I thought about not posting at all. But, as usual, I am.

We are finally closing on the "Short sale house" tomorrow. But it is fraught with more challenges. I have to get to the bank early to get a cashier's check. Then I have to make my way to closing. Here in Swampland we are lucky to have more than one business area. We don't have just one " x town." No we have downtown, midtown, and uptown. Each one is a pain in the rear to get to. Then you can throw in the Medical Center, but that's another thing.

I have to be in uptown at noon tomorrow. I don't know why we had to have that title company chosen. There are multitudes out here in the muddy acres surrounding Swampland.

So I get to get in gear to get to the bank - early. Then to closing, then hopefully I get to meet the glass company at the house to have the window repaired. That has been another bone of contention. The underwriter wouldn't write the loan without the proper statement from a glass company to the effect they will be at the house within 24 hours. Gee.....

So I have set up the glass company. Then they (some entity from the mortgage company I guess) will come out to make sure that %&&^$^& glass is in. Yep, I'm about to lose it.

I told DIL I would put the name of a certain insurance company on an apron for her. She is going to be that woman who wears said apron for Halloween. I finally got it all centered in the hoop. It all looked great. I started the machine. It looked absolutely beautiful - even if I couldn't get a font with slanting letters, but even the color of the thread was great.

Then I unhooped that work of art. When I turned it over to remove the stabilizer, there it was. The band from the neck was trapped in the embroidery. It is only an inch, but it might as well be the entire thing. I can't take out the stitches. I would never get it hooped correctly again. I guess I will be heading to the craft store after closing - or on Tuesday anyway to do it over!

So my mood today is flat. Just tired of it all.


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judemiller1 said...

I'm feeling flat today too. I think it is because the weather has turned grey, but it might be that I'm just flat. :-)