Friday, October 02, 2009

Is there any old business?

Yes! I seem to be running a day behind relating this terrifically exciting life of mine! Yesterday was sewing club. I hoisted that machine downstairs along with its trolley. The combined weight must be 60-70 pounds, at the least.

I got the thing into and out of the car. Got into the classroom, set it up, put my "stick" into the USB port, and . . . nothing. It wouldn't recognize the stick. Now I have had problems with it recognizing the stick from the get go. With great trepidation on my part, we put Joyce's stick in. Nothing.

So I knew what I had to do - the same thing I do at seemingly every club meeting. I had to take it to the front for a consultation. Oh, and get ready to leave it to be repaired. They weren't sure what was wrong.

I knew Ken had gotten two machines in that were new, refurbished machines, not just the old one updated. He wanted to move them that day. I jokingly said I ought to trade my in for one of those. Well to cut to the chase, that's exactly what I did. They gave me 65% of the purchase of the old one toward the new one.

When I got home, I put the new one in place and began to embroidery some ornaments. What a joy. It immediately recognized the CD-ROM. (I forgot to say the old one didn't want to recognize the CD-ROM anymore either). I didn't have to use bobbins that were filled with the same color. That cut my time down a lot! It was quiet.

But now I have two new extra bobbin cases. But there are too many people I have heard of that these machines DO eat the bobbin cases. But this new one is so tight. And it sews so smoothly. It just purrs! I love it, love it, love it!!

Pray for good weather at San Felipe State Park tomorrow. IT is the family reunion day. Right now, it doesn't look promising. The problem is keeping the little kids happy. They can't run and play outside if . . . I can't even say it! I guess we do the Pinata early.


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Judy said...

I will pray for know..that wet stuff falling from the sky--and hope you have a great day and the littlens can play outside.