Monday, October 05, 2009

Waiting, waiting!

I'm beginning to think we should just dig a hole in the back yard and bury some money there and cut a hole in the mattress and stuff some in there too. Trying to invest in something that is a seemingly good investment is driving us both crazy!

First was the electric entity that turned on the power days before I requested it. Then sent me one bill for well over $300, only to be followed up a couple of days later with a second bill for over $150. I thought that was taken care of before the bill ever came. That was straightened out Friday - I think. At least I have a letter and an email stating that.

We did get a key to that house. The gas company was scheduled to come out on Friday. They were to call me first to give me 30 minutes heads up. At 6:30 I called (after calling at 3:45) to check on their progress. They had been to the house. No one was there. No s**t Sherlock! So they are scheduled for today - again. It's getting towards noon. I had asked for early.

Anyway, we used the key last night to check to make sure the power and water were on. By the way, the power company is a different company!! Both were on. When G went upstairs (I'm not climbing stairs there), the thermostat was set on 54. The door to the garage was open and the stairs accessing the attic were down. So we were air conditioning the garage and the attic. No wonder the bill was about $426 for less than a month.

My bug guy came today and did the termite inspection. It passed. So now we have the other one set for tomorrow morning - just waiting for the gas company to grace us with a call. I'm sure they will call in about an hour. We plan to have lunch with my daughter at noon. But isn't that the way things go? It surely is - at least for me.



flying eagle woman said...

hey! I have a bug guy too!!!!

Judy said...

All of it will drive you crazy if you let it. I liked your "No s**t Sherlock"--one of my favorite sayings.