Friday, October 16, 2009

Good laugh

Here we go again with talk about the weather, but it's really comical to me!

It was warm yesterday. In fact, we set another record high I believe. Yesterday afternoon, the heat index at one time was 101. As a life long Texan this isn't surprising to me at all. I remember many Halloween trick or treating times with high temperatures. I remember many Christmas days that were hot. Usually my aunt would have given me a beautiful velvet dress for Christmas, and I would be hell bent on wearing it for Christmas dinner!! I sweated - a lot!

I was watching Good Morning America this morning they sent the weather man down here because we were having a major cooling off this weekend. Oh, please!

From what is forecast, we will be warming again by the middle of the week. But we here are living in the moment. We will enjoy the wonderful weather this weekend and be thankful for it!



flying eagle woman said...

this post made me chuckle...sometimes the weather is WORTHY of discussion and OMG 101 heat index???? EWWWWWW!!!

judemiller1 said...

It is supposed to get "up" to 60 this weekend--hoping so, it has been unseasonably cold

Susan said...

Wasn't it a lovely weekend? My grandkids came over, and we couldn't stand to go indoors.