Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Grampa's suggestion to MB

When we are at the SSB (Stings, Sticks, or Bites), there is no one around. We are on 200 acres, and we are one of the smaller places!

Yesterday, Monkey Boy was standing outside the second bathroom telling his dad that he had to go. He was doing all the associated jumping around and tugging. Daughter was in the bathroom showing no signs of giving up her place. His dad just kept telling MB that he would have to wait.

G witnessed all this. He walked up to MB and asked him why he just didn't go outside. G said MB looked at him like he was crazy.

G told me this last night, and we did get a good laugh. It is still funny, but I got to thinking while I was writing this. It isn't that he has never done this particular thing. I remember them telling me that all summer he would get out of the pool to go behind the garage.

It is still funny though. MB is a different little kid. He just doesn't know exactly how to take us. I'm sure that he was really confused. We just don't let him out to run around. As I have named the place, it could be dangerous.

Needless to say, MB waited until the bathroom was empty!


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