Monday, October 12, 2009


I finally waded through the 288 emails on yahoo. My air card just couldn't manage that site. I have joined several yahoo machine embroidery groups. Most of the emails are from digitizers who are trying to sell their designs, but there are also chatty emails. I don't know how those people have the time to chat there. But they do. Oh, well. So I wade through hundreds of emails.

The weather at the SSB was really pretty bad, but I enjoyed it never the less. Daughter and troop decided to make the trip. They weren't really sure because their trip out on Friday morning was scary. The roads are dirt and rock. It rained really hard Thursday night. The road was really squishy, and they didn't have any 4-wheel drive, they were in her work van.

When we were on that part of the road on Friday late afternoon, it was still pretty scary, but we have 4-wheel. Of course, Son says that 4-wheel drive just means you can get stuck twice as far off the road!

I got a lot of things done. I just wish I could have slept more. It was perfect sleeping weather. It was cool and rainy.

Home now. All is good.


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