Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I absolutely NEED to go out shopping today. I need things from the grocery store, and Wally World has sheets on sale. I need additional sets for the SSB. We are getting more visitors there. I can't keep up with the washing of said items,

I just don't want to go out - at all, but today is the day. Tomorrow I could go, but after my sewing machine club, I usually don't want to go. I will pick up fast food and head in. Friday is out.

The reason Friday is out is simple. I have to wait around here for the gas company to install a new meter and turn on the gas at the house we are buying. The other owner's mortgage company finally made a decision. We sent them a new offer after they turned down the first one when we were in Canada. I think they really believed someone would come in with a better offer. The place has been empty since March, and it was on the market before that.

So I spent yesterday afternoon calling all the utilities setting them to be turned on so we could schedule the mechanical, structural and termite inspections. Those are set for Monday. I get to stay close to the phone because I have to be there when they put the meter in and turn on the gas.

I also called the electric utility that turned on the power on August 12 when I wanted it on the 21st at the earliest. Then when I finally found it was on by calling to postpone the service, yet again, found it had been on. I thought that was all taken care of, but then I got two bills totaling $426.

I called yesterday to get that cleared. When I called the number that was listed for those of us who felt the bill was a mistake, I found that there was a credit on September 11 of the same amount that is still "owed." That line would just allow me to make a payment, or ask for balanced billing. When I told the computer I wanted none of the listed options, I was whisked to Customer Service. As I was explaining my case to the guy, as soon as he said "I understand" we were "disconnected." And he ever tried to call me back.

I sent an email to the address that was given for comments, etc. I didn't expect to hear anything at all. I did get a almost immediate response promising she would look into the matter. So far - nothing.

So there is my whine. I guess I should offer some cheese to go with it. Now I am off to take my meds, get dressed and hit the stores. Ugh!


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