Friday, October 09, 2009

Preparing to go to the SSB

Warning: This is a vent!!!

Hurry - check your weather radar and you will see severe storms bearing down on Swampland!! I thought I had at least 30 minutes more before I had to load the ice chests and travel tote into the truck. Nope. It is raining cats and dogs right now, and I have both Simone and Shadow under my feet. Wonderful!

That brings me to today's rant. During the hot months (and that's about 9), we can't load the ice chests, et al the night before. That leaves it to me so we can leave as soon as G comes home. This time there are two ice chests. We had about 100 pounds of ice left from the reunion. We are going to take it to the SSB because this is the season it is needed for packing game.

Who gets to load all this s**t alone. That's absolutely correct. I could only get 40 pounds of ice in the old chest, and the new one is full of food because Daughter's clan will be there Sunday. (SIL's aunt died in Little Bitty West Texas Town Wednesday night and they will be using the SSB to break up the trip for the kids.)

Now when we get there, G will have the audacity to complain about the weight of the items I packed - alone. I will be duly ticked!

Gotta go now. I loaded in the toad strangler, so I have to dry off to get wet again when I play shuffle the vehicles. Perhaps I need a job outside the house too???

Happy weekend to you.


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Susan Adcox said...

I used to get caught in this trap--get the camper ready so we can leave as soon as hubby gets home. Then after the camping trip, hubby went back to work, and I got to unload and clean the camper. What finally happened was I said no more camping. You have a right to whine, and a right to put your foot down and say, so what if it makes us an hour later, I'm not loading up by myself.