Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sew, sew, sew your felt . . .

That's what I am doing. I am in the process of making pencil toppers. I got into these when I found a very inexpensive set from a digitizer on the internet. I made those, and Daughter remarked how neat it would be if I could make some for Christmas to have at Holiday in the Park. So went back to that digitizer to buy the Christmas set. Then I found two more sets. That is why I am sewing my little heart out now. I have my list of projects posted right here by this machine to keep me on track!

I will post pictures (if anyone might be interested) as soon as I charge the batteries for my camera, download the multitude of pictures that are stored there from way before August, and get the items ready for their pictures.

The camera seems to be my nemesis these days. Last weekend when we were at the SSB, G's cousin was having the local community happy hour. They took the great grandparents house (what is left of it) and salvaged it. It was in terrible shape. She told me they began this task because they wanted a place to stay when they came up. They live in San Antonio, and they wanted some privacy when they visited her mom and dad when they came to visit.

They have taken the beat up little remains of that house and restored it to a beautiful place (even if they have to have an outhouse). Anyway, Daughter gave me strict orders to take pictures. I dutifully put the camera in my purse. When we got there, I pulled it out to turn it on. It was on some setting that I never use, and the batteries were DEAD!

I thought I was sunk until I remembered that I, as usual had my cell phone, so out it came and I snapped a few pictures. Cousin said she would send me pictures if I wanted as she takes many. And she should. I think I may email her because I have no idea how to download pictures from that phone. I have no cables or anything to tell me how to do it. Besides, I am becoming absolutely technologically illiterate. It is getting worse and worse as technology evolves more and more.

So - back to my hoops and threads.



Susan Adcox said...

How awesome that someone has salvaged the great-grandparents' house. What a great connection to the past. I wouldn't even mind using an outhouse if I could visit my grandparents' houses!

Katherine said...

I'm so glad you came by, and I'm even HAPPIER you are able to use the button! My mom is a breast cancer survivor, 16 years!!! I made those buttons thinking of her - I'm so glad you are using it!!

angie128 said...

Hi Grandma K!

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment about praying for Tanner. Looking forward to reading your blog!

judemiller1 said...

I'd like to see picture of pencil toppers or anything else you want to post.

I love that they repaired the great grandparents home. My great, great grandparents home is still in good shape--step-mother lives there now that Daddy is gone, but he left it to my little sister who will move back to the area and into it when she retires in a couple of years. I love going "back" and we have every Christmas Eve family get together there.