Tuesday, September 08, 2009

This and that

First of all - does anyone else have a problem with remote controllers? For the system we have right now, we have three controllers. I cannot keep up with all three of them! I have lost the dvd/surround sound remote. It was there just Sunday, now it's gone. It has disappeared into thin air. I have searched everywhere.

So I went on line with the idea of buying another one. So far, no luck. I found one site, but the parts for that system goes on for pages and pages. I will try to search for one in a different way later, but right now I am frustrated!!

Today is the final orthovisc injections. I think I am wasting my time unless these are the magic bullets, and I think that is just wild hope.

Yesterday I went upstairs to the craft room. Just climbing the stairs was painful. When I got up there, I had to move furniture. My new (from July) sewing machine cabinet was up there, and I had to do something with the old one. So I managed to set it all up with all my machines (with the exception of the terrible Singer) up and ready to go.

I came down to take the biggie machine up. I wasn't sure I could make it down the stairs. My knees were so very painful.

Well, enough self pity. I am going to get the injections. I hope for the best.


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