Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Same song

Yep, same song, verse fifth something. Simone is sick again. It started last Tuesday when I needed it the least. The guy was here for the generator, and he had to turn the power off. I witnessed her nausea in the den. I didn't know about it in the bedroom until, in the dark, well you fill in what happened. It wasn't pleasant.

She was better Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday I saw the signs and was able to get her a pill for nausea. That held off the severe nausea. Saturday she was OK, but Sunday not at all. Daughter did volunteer for dinner. I was relieved.

G decided that she needed to see the vet (yet again). So yesterday I made her an appointment with the more senior veterinarian. It is so funny to get to the office. All the assistants exclaim "Here's Simone!" They come around the desk and love on her. Word apparently spreads through the entire hospital. It is almost embarrassing. Of course, you have to remember that she goes there for baths too. She also has been boarded there two or three times.

The veterinarian came in. He is basically stumped. But I wanted G to be there to ask questions. The vet said there was no reason to spend the money to send her to A&M because she gets nauseated, then gets better. She is maintaining her weight, so there isn't that problem,

The course of treatment this time is a stronger anti-vomiting pill. She got that this morning. When she got up, it was the lickey-lickey stuff again. He also wants to try an antibiotic. Boxers are subject to, among the multitude of things, an overgrowth of bacteria in the gut. That can cause the nausea. Well, that is as good as any other probable cause.

This morning she has had her super-duper anti-nausea pill. I need to give her that anti-acid, and she wants to eat. Then we will try the outside break - on a leash to stop the grass (or anything else she can get her mouth on) eating.

Life is nothing but exciting around here. In addition to a sick dog, I will be fighting with the power company I had lined up to turn the power on at the house we want as an investment. They turned it on way before I asked, and didn't say anything when I would call to postpone the turn on. They had it on for less than a month, and they sent me a bill for aver $400. All I can figure is that that thermostat is set on deep freeze. I wouldn't know because I am not the owner yet, and I have to access to the house. Wish me luck.


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