Monday, September 07, 2009

This wimp is upset!

True confession time. I am a card carrying wimp. I hate confrontations. With. A. Passion. I don't like to confront my adult children either. But, this time I need to.

Last night we went to Son's house for dinner. I thought they would be going out of town this weekend, so I called them earlier in the week - I think Tuesday night of Wednesday night. DIL asked if we would come to their house for family dinner. I was frankly delighted. The bloom is off that rose for me. I look forward to going to someone's house. I kept the dinner going through chemo, and it was tough!

When I talked to Daughter the next day, she said they were having friends over at their house, so they wouldn't be going to Son's. I really thought she would call DIL. I let it go. Something in the back of my mind kept telling me that I should call DIL, but I really thought Daughter would do the right thing. If the tables were turned, she would be, well frankly, pissed.

We got there last night, and they had prepared a nine pound brisket and had TWO pies. They expected five more people. SIL called just before we arrived telling them they wouldn't be there.

DIL's mother really doesn't like SIL. He can be very over-the-top, and she is a little reserved. I'm sure words were spoken when he called.

I am going to say something to Daughter. I am going to try to make it non-confrontational. This doesn't need to tear the family apart. But I do think she needs to know. She knows Son is doing everything he can to cut expenses, so I think she was very rude in this.

In better news, we went to see Julie and Julia last night. Julia Child was my teenage hero (heroine?). Meryl Streep did such a great job in that role. G's brother and wife are best friends with the real Julie's parents. So I had followed Julie's blog when she was writing. I bought and read the book, so the movie was the next step. The movie was so well done. I was afraid it wouldn't be showing by the time we could get to the movies since it came out just before vacation. I want to buy that movie!!



angela said...

Good for you. There are many ways to have a ready response for someone we love. If we don't face the facts, sometimes no one loves us enough to actually do the tough thing and show us. Blessings.

Judy said...

I don't do confrontation well either--in fact I avoid it to the point where I should speak up, but I don't worrying what reactions my words might elicit. I keep hoping that I will grow up and be less afraid of my grown kids one of these days.